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What are your Career-related concerns?

  • Clueless about – Courses? Colleges? Career Options?
  • Which stream and subjects should I choose?
  • Which careers match my interests and abilities?
  • What career path should I take?
  • What are my options after 12th?
  • What are my options after college? 
  • How should I prepare for exams?
  • Should I go abroad to study?
  • How to enhance my profile?
  • How to secure my dream job?
  • How can I make a career switch?

Do you choose your career or
your career chooses you?

Let's help you make informed & smart career choices

Discovering and knowing yourself through our Career Assessment

Career Mapping and Goal Setting through our One-One Career Counselling

Achieving your Career Goals through our Personalized Guidance and action-oriented Career Planning and Development

"Don't wait for tomorrow...Now is the time to discover yourself, embark on your career journey and prepare yourself to soar high...because for you, even sky is not the limit!"
- Nishant Sarawgi

About Nishant Sarawgi

Founder - EnrichMyCareer

Career Coach | Career Counsellor | Education Consultant | Soft Skills Trainer

Being inclined towards mentoring and coaching since his college days, Nishant Sarawgi today is an Internationally Certified Career Coach, a Career Counsellor, an Education Consultant, a Soft Skills Trainer & Coach, an internationally Certified Happiness Coach, a CSR and Social Entrepreneurship Evangelist, and an ardent advocate of youth empowerment through personalized guidance, mentoring, and developmental interventions.

Over the years, Nishant has helped many students of different age groups and working professionals in discovering their true selves, setting appropriate career goals, and walking the right career paths.


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About EnrichMyCareer

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EnrichMyCareer is a one-stop career counselling, mentoring and education consultancy venture for all your self-discovery, career mapping, career planning, and development needs.

Our Vision is “to enrich & empower the current and future generations with well-researched & intelligent information, unbiased & personalized guidance, and accessible & effective tools to enable them to make well-informed career decisions to succeed in life.”

Our Mission is “to power career decisions, light up career paths, and help people navigate through their academic & professional journeys with confidence & fulfilment.”

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
- Albert Einstein

Our Career Services are for helping

6th-10th Grade Students

Stream and Subjects Selection

11th-12th Grade Students

Career Selection and College Planning

College Students and Graduates

Career Selection and Career Development

Working Professionals

Career Advancement or Career Switch

Schools and Colleges

Career Guidance and Mentoring

How our process works?

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Book a free initial call of 10-15 minutes with us and share your career-related concerns & confusion and the help required. Choose the services that we offer accordingly.

Take Career Assessment Test & Book a Coaching Session

Based on your requirements, you can take the appropriate career or stream assessment test and book counselling session(s) in which relevant career insights & services are provided.

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Experience Your Growth

Embark on the right career path and craft your success story with our guidance and mentoring.


“Receiving career guidance from Nishant Sir is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is great at counselling and clearing all career-related doubts. He is easily approachable and is open to mentoring students from different backgrounds and educational boards. Work under his guidance and you will realize what I am talking about.”

Deepak Saini Student

"I interacted with Mr. Nishant Sarawgi to discuss my 12th grade son’s career prospects and the guidance we needed on course, college, and career selection. Mr. Nishant provided clarity on the career and course options relevant for my son and the corresponding career paths that he may consider taking. My son was very comfortable with him from the beginning and seemed more motivated than ever before to chase his career goals.”

Neesha Agarwal Parent

“Mr. Nishant embodies patience, expertise, and quality – traits that he aptly demonstrated when I engaged him to guide my 10th grade daughter in choosing the right stream and subjects for 11th and 12th grades. He also has a knack for uncovering unsaid things and understanding nuances of the child and that really helps in right decision making.”

Suruchi Panda Parent

“I was going through a really rough patch due to a career break for quite some time, when I heard about Nishant. He coached me in changing the narrative of my career journey from a negative one to a positive and powerful one. He motivated me a lot and helped me shape my career profile into a job-ready profile. Very soon, with his dedicated support and guidance, I was not only able to get a decent job but also a managerial position in a Tier-1 city.”

Poonam Mishra Business Developement Manager

“I was a confused student in 12th grade and had no clue about which course and college to pursue after 12th. Nishant Sir assessed my strengths & weaknesses, interests, and aptitude and provided insights on the best career matches for me along with help on shortlisting the relevant courses and colleges. With his guiding light, I was able to crack the admissions and get through one of the top colleges in Bangalore with my preferred course.”

Trishla Jain Interior Designer
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